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When do I expect to see results during Cryoskin Therapy?

Like the majority of body treatments, the best cryoskin treatment results will start to manifest after 5 sessions. The first outcome is visible from the opening session, however, they are very encouraging. Results will continue to appear from the second to third week after starting the therapy and extend for several months. Information can be found here.

This is because of the loss of gat mass and a healthy diet, coupled with an active lifestyle. Lympathetic drainage methods that should be performed once or twice in 7 days between the sessions also play an important role. See here for information about Benefits of cryoskin.

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For impressive results, our professionals recommend that you avoid taking sugar 2 hours before and after the Cryoskin therapy session, up to 5 hours if you can. It should apply to all sugars, including slow-digesting ones available in pasta, bread, rice, and cereals. Since sugar is an important power source of fat cells, and for cutting weight, sugar must be avoided.

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