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What to expect from Cryoskin therapy

Shàp Spa offers the most advanced and high-quality non-invasive treatment solution for toning and slimming. If you want to lose fat in your back, arms, or thighs, cryoskin therapy is the best solution. More can be found here.

Cryo slimming

The cryoskin machine is designed to cause thermal shock because of its ability to alternate rapidly between intervals of warming and cooling of the skin. First, hear is applied for two minutes on the area being treated. Heating triggers the fat cells to rise to the surface which is rapidly targeted during the twelve-minute cooling treatment for the area. Learn more about Risks and side effects of Cryoskin therapy.

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  • Three to six sessions are recommended for impressive results

  • Get toned and slimmed with cold temperature massage

Cryo toning 

The cryo toning process uses cool temperatures. The cold forms vasodilation in the treated regions. This increases the production of collagen that helps in breaking down cellulite. Remember that cellulite might return if there are no workouts or changes in diet.



  • Results will be evident to last four or five weeks after the end of the process

  • Up to five sessions are recommended for impressive results.  

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