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Is Cryoskin therapy a permanent procedure?

Cryoskin slimming or fat loss

This depends on individual to individual, (particularly on their diet and lifestyle). In this case, the outcome can be permanent. It's recommended having up to three sessions, six months after the end of therapy for maintaining impressive results. Some individuals opt to repeat the therapy after a couple of years as required. Centerville, OH can be seen here.

Cryoskin toning or slimming cellulite reduction

The process is more temporary for cellulite reduction and toning. The low temperatures form vasodilation in the treated part, all while increasing the production of collagen. This helps in damaging cellulite. Again, cellulite will turn if there is no workout and a change in diet. Click here to read about When do I expect to see results during Cryoskin Therapy.

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Cryoskin facial

The outcome will last for many months with only a couple of sessions. The therapy increases help in boosting collagen that helps in the reduction of the appearance of wrinkles, close pores, and increases the elasticity of the skin. Note that as you continue to age, the results won't remain permanent.  

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