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How to Identify the Type of Spa by Category

The earliest reference to a spa was to describe a naturally occurring hot spring where people would go to bathe and relax for health and wellbeing. Today the term refers to a place offering many services and experiences. In the modern sense, the types of spas can be as numerous as the services and location. The existing ones fall into categories. Learn more here.

The Medical Spa

Medical spas aim to offer cosmetic instead of regular treatments. Although not always, People running medical spas have a medical background. When the owner is not a medical practitioner, he can hire one in a supervisory capacity. The treatments at a medical spa can be laser treatments, Botox injections, etc. Learn more about What is the Role of a Spa Therapist.

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Hotel Spa

This type is an in-house spa. In addition to providing accommodation, hoteliers may include a spa facility to offer the services for guests. It targets traveling business people who are always stressed and may use a good massage.

The Destination Spa

Its location is in a tourist destination. It differs from the hotel spa because it runs independently. A destination spa offers day or overnight stays where customers can spend two or more days receiving treatment.

Day Spa

A day spa is a next-door facility for the everyday folk who wants to pop in for a few hours of relaxation. It is common practice for salon businesses to in

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