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Kettering Wellness Spa

Kettering residents can rest easy with the best luxury wellness spa in the area: Shāp Spa. Whether you’re looking for relaxing spa sessions, infrared sauna treatments, therapeutic wellness services, or permanent fat loss solutions, you can’t go wrong with Shāp Spa. We’re more than a Kettering wellness spa and boutique salon, we’re a place to come relax, get pampered, and get centered. 

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Cryoskin Services

When you’re frustrated about stubborn belly fat or extra fat on your thighs or buttocks, it can feel like options for slimming and trimming are somewhat limited. But not to worry—Shāp Spa is here with our advanced Cryoskin technology. Our Cryoskin sessions use a European machine that utilizes cold temperatures to permanently get rid of fat cells. This procedure is completely painless, noninvasive, and delivers amazing results. What part of your body are you wanting to tighten up? 

Cryoskin permanent fat loss treatments are great at minimizing  the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, and provide a smooth, sleek tightening of your skin. Our Cryoskin facials are like noninvasive face lifts that increase collagen production and diminish wrinkles. Cryoskin toning reduces cellulite, stimulates the natural production of collagen, and tightens skin. To naturally eliminate fat cells, try our Croskin slimming service, a three-phase thermal shock treatment. Contact Shāp Spa to book your Cryoskin appointment in Kettering today!  

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Infrared Sauna Services

A visit to the sauna can be incredibly relaxing, but a session in the infrared sauna can be so much more. An infrared sauna appointment can offer many more health benefits than a standard sauna. An infrared sauna can detoxify, burn calories, offer pain relief and wound healing, aid in skin purification and anti-aging, help with de-stressing, and even improve circulation and cell health. Reach out to Shāp Spa today to book your time in our infrared sauna! 

Contact Us Today

For amazing spa services in Kettering, there’s only one choice: Shāp Spa. Contact us today for Cryoskin, infrared sauna sessions, or expert wellness services. You’re one call away from a more confident, more balanced you!

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