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Myths about Cryoskin Treatment

Cryoskin is steadily increasing in popularity and is becoming a feature of modern spas and fitness facilities. With the increasing buzz, various myths and inconsistencies have started to pop up. So here, Shàp Spa has set the record straight about common misconceptions about cryoskin treatment. Visit this link for more information.

Cryoskin is Painful

The shortness of cryoskin treatment does not allow the cold to penetrate deeply. It is usually experienced as an exhilarating shock or rush rather than pain. Read about Reasons to Choose Cryoskin over other Fat Loss Treatments here.

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Cryoskin is Unsafe

While cryoskin lowers skin temperatures to at least 30-50 degrees, the cold does not have time to penetrate the skin deeply. There is no risk of lowered core temperature.

Cryoskin is Expensive

Surgical fat loss methods often cost thousands of dollars. Other non-invasive methods can also cost thousands of dollars too. However, with cryoskin treatment, you get the most bang for your buck.

Cryoskin is Not as Effective as other Methods

Surgical methods are often effective, but cryoskin consistently gives the best results. Cryoskin also elicits its effect through fast cell apoptosis. In other non-invasive categories, some devices utilize radiofrequency, ultrasound, and laser. These methods heat the fat cells but do not kill them. That means if one gains weight, the fat can go right back to where it was removed.

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