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Cryoskin: Fat Loss Technology That Actually Works

Let’s be honest for a moment: We love the idea of an effective weight loss treatment or program. We work hard at the gym, we give up the foods we love, and we agonize over our love handles. Trying to lose fat and firm up is no easy task. In fact, the weight loss industry is quite a profitable one because we’re obsessed with trying to get rid of fat. So, what’s the problem with standard weight loss methods? Nothing… much.

Except, as many people have found, diet and exercise often produce slower results. What’s more, many people have discovered that they can lose all the weight they want, only to find that their trouble spots—tummies, hips, thighs, and bums—can remain almost unchanged. Traditional weight loss methods can leave us exhausted and frustrated. But what if we told you that there was a better way?


Our Cryoskin sessions have been called nothing short of miraculous. Using European technology, ShĀp Spa’s Cryoskin machine uses cold temperatures to eliminate fat cells for good. Cryoskin can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Additionally, Cryoskin is noninvasive, painless, and requires no recovery time. In fact, you might even walk away from your first Cryoskin session feeling balanced, rejuvenated, and you guessed it—slimmer. Many of our happy customers rave that they noticed a difference even after the first experience with Cryoskin. There’s no reason to wait. You can try Cryoskin for yourself and see what everyone’s raving about.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the move to get rid of fat cells for good by scheduling your Cryoskin treatment at ShĀp Spa in Centerville now! Have questions about Cryoskin or want to learn more about any of our other spa services such as infrared sauna sessions? Reach out to us at ShĀp Spa today!

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