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Signs to Book a Cryoskin Treatment Appointment

Whether you are worried about the signs of aging or want to protect your skin as a preventative measure, it might be time to take skincare maintenance more seriously. Shàp Spa has shared some signs that you need to reserve a cryoskin treatment appointment. Learn information about Centerville, OH here.

You Spend Most of Your Time in the Sun

Several parts of the world experience are more sunshine than others. Even without sunbathing, the exposure to UV rays is often intense just by day-to-day tasks. While catching some sun rays is considered healthy, we can all agree that nurturing and protecting your face is vital. Sun damage on the skin leads to signs of aging, which the cryoskin treatment can soothe non-invasively and gently. Discover facts about Benefits of Cryoskin Treatment.

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You are over Age 20

Sadly, around the age of 20, our bodies often slow down collagen production every year. That contributes to loss of skin’s natural glow, skin sagging and decreased skin bounciness and elasticity. Cryoskin is known for its powerful collagen-boosting effect that restores fresh blood flow to the face.

Your Lifestyle is Stressful

When you are stressed mentally and emotionally, the physical impact can be pretty intense. Signs of stress often show up in terms of breakouts, irritations, and aged appearance. Cryoskin is a soothing treat for stressed skin. 

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