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Top Four At-Home Spa Treatments to Try

Not everyone can have access to spa services. Some are faced with money constraints, while others can’t afford regular time off for a spa day. With a little creativity, they can simulate such experiences right in their homes. It starts by whipping up a few simple treatments. The suggestions below show how. More can be found here.

Body Scrub

It is easy to make a body scrub with kitchen items. Create an exfoliating cream from sugar, olive oil, honey, and lemon drops and use it to shower. Scrubbing the body will remove the accumulation of dirt and dead cells. Learn more about The Health Benefits of Taking a Spa bath.

Shàp Spa - 7.jpg

Spa Bath

Make a spa bath by running a hot bath, adding bath salts, and drops of essential oils. Alternatively, replace the bath salts with a cup of whole milk or milk powder. The lactic acid in milk has a soothing effect.

Steam Facial

Add drops of essential oil like rose or lavender to a bowl of hot water for an at-home facial. Next, lean into the bowl with a towel over the head to trap the steam directing it to the face. A quick tip to unclog pores and enhance the glow.

Aromatherapy Shower

Since not all households have a bath, a hot shower is the next best option. Soak a sponge in essential oil and place it within the shower cubicle to r

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