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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Centreville, OH

List of Top Attractions in Centreville, OH

Fun and entertaining things to do in Centreville are so many outdoors to indoor fun, downtown to the city outskirts. Whatever you choose to do is an individual choice but can be influenced by a few suggestions. Here are some fun places that define the city that you cannot afford to miss when visiting this magical city. More can be found here.

Dayton Aquarium Company 

This spectacular resort has a fascinating Dayton Aquarium area. There is a massive tank with a wide variety of fish and other marine invertebrates. Different shark species are here with other hundred species of marine life in a beautiful glass display.  Learn more about Top Attributes of Centreville, OH.

Shàp Spa - 7.jpg

Stratacache Tower

Stratacache Tower is a landmark fun point in Centerville. The tower rises over four hundred feet and has several hearts pounding thrills on its rooftops like sky jump, big shot, and others. There is a deck providing a perfect view of the city.

Woodland Lights Ferris Wheel

Woodland Lights Ferris Wheel is an exciting place you cannot miss when you come around. This vast Ferris is approximately five hundred and fifty feet high and takes thirty minutes for one full rotation. You will enjoy the night scene with beautiful neon lights glowing from this giant wheel.

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