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Ways to Maximize Cryoskin Treatment Results

An overall healthy lifestyle and wellbeing will support cryoskin treatment so you can achieve the best possible results from the treatments. In this post, Shàp Spa has shared some tips that can help you make the most of cryoskin treatments. More can be found here.

Give Your Lymphatic System Extra Love

You can do this by loading up on water and getting some form of daily exercise like a brisk walk over your tea break.  Lymphatic drainage is very beneficial, and regular deep tissue massage is a relaxing way to move lymph while detoxing the body. Learn more about Types of Cryoskin Treatment.

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Adopt Healthy Eating Choices

It is important to establish and maintain a balanced diet. You will find it easy to combine healthy eating habits with cryoskin treatment because you’ll start to see change within the shortest time possible.

Avoid Collagen Killers

Collagen killers include smoking, sun exposure, sedentary lifestyle, dehydration, and overly sugary diets. You can avoid them to avoid loading the body up with toxins and impeding natural collagen production.

Show up for Your Appointments

Skipping appointments and spacing them out to weeks can be detrimental to progress. You can talk to your cryoskin treatment practitioner to help with creating appointment times that accommodate your schedule.

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