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What Makes a Good Spa?

How do you rate what a good spa should be? Is it by the products they offer or the quality of equipment in the building? It doesn’t have to be expensive. There are factors you should expect. This checklist highlights them. Visit this link for more information.

Level of Cleanliness

This one is a total give away. No one can relax in an unkempt, dirty environment. If the spa is not keeping the highest standard of cleanliness on the premise, how can they ace the service delivery? Read about What the Different Types of Massage Therapy in a Spa Mean here.

Shàp Spa - 5.jpg

Courteous Staff

One way to create a level of trust and warmth in people is through courtesy. A good spa will have friendly employees that make the client feel at ease. One should never experience snubbing or intimidation. Instead, the staff should have a balance between professionalism and politeness in how and what they communicate.


The epitome of a spa is relaxation. It is the one distinguishing factor from any other facility. It should give peaceful, positive vibes by appealing to the human senses of smell, sight, and touch.

Standard Facilities

Standard is not about how expensive or luxurious the spa looks.  It means it should have at least the minimum essentials for functionality. These are toiletries, plenty of spare towels in the changing room, water, beverages, and magazines in the lounge.

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