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What the Different Types of Massage Therapy in a Spa Mean

Spa clients are simple people. Walking into the spa, they are not thinking about the type they want to receive.  Their only concern is to relax, get rid of the tension in muscles or the knot on their backs. It is up to the therapist to ask questions and determine what to offer. That is great but, it would be more fun to know what function each type serves. More about Centerville, OH can be seen here.


As the name suggests, it is for pain relief. The therapist will focus on tension areas to relieve stress, pain, aches, and improve circulation.  Click here to read about The Common Treatments Offered In a Spa.

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It is an old form of massage that uses essential oils when kneading the body. Aromatherapy aims to give relaxation.


The king of massage combines several procedures such as acupressure, stretching, and body rocking. It is useful in healing muscle strain and back pain.

Deep Tissue

In deep tissue massage, the therapist uses many parts of the hands like elbows, forearms, and fingertips to apply deep pressure on the body areas that are stiff or tense.


In abdominal massage, the therapist massages the stomach and pelvic regions. It improves the digestive system, constipation, and the health of the uterus in women.

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